Hi! I’m Missy, a full-time professional, wife, mother, and former clothes (and shoe) hoarder. Like many women, I struggled to admit that I had a shopping problem until my family went through a “Let It Go” moment in 2015 and literally discarded over 2/3 of what we owned. Our family of four moved from a house to a condo. After moving, I felt freedom from the things that were weighing me down. Goodbye storage unit, hello clutter-free closet! I realized that I didn’t miss anything and decided to help others learn how to live a stylish, but simpler and more minimalist life. As a consultant, career counselor and recruiter for over a decade, I have taught others how to present themselves professionally and confidently. Merging my two passions led me to create Capped Closet. It brings me such joy to hear about women empowering themselves to lead a happier life. Do more with less!

I’d love to help you create the closet of your dreams:  One with style, class, and simplicity. To start, try my free Free 31 day Checklist to begin clearing out your closet. Once you complete the first step, you will be on your way to creating a Capped Closet for life!